Cel-shaded shooter XIII is free for 48 hours from GOG


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You can now grab Ubisoft’s first-person-shooter XIII for free as part of GOG’s Spring Sale. That’s the good XIII, by the way, not the recently released XIII Remake, which is so full of bugs you’re best off avoiding it at all costs.

Originally released on the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2003, XIII is a quality (and sometimes frustratingly difficult) espionage game that’s loosely based on the Belgian graphic novels of the same name.

It brings the visuals of the graphic novels to life, filling the screen with comic-book-style panels when you whizz a throwing knife into someone’s face and phonetic visuals for sound effects, whether that’s the TAT-TAT-TAT of chugging through machine gun clips or the approaching taps of enemy footsteps.

If you missed out on playing it when it was originally released, you don’t have any excuses now. The original has aged like a fine wine and you can glug it down for free from GOG here. But hurry – you’ve only got 48 hours.

While you’re there, you may as well check out some of the other offerings in the Spring Sale. Toss seven of your British pounds at your Witcher and you’ll be rewarded with the Game of the Year Edition. Not bad for one of the best RPGs ever released.

And if you fancy getting yourself in the mood for the upcoming Life is Strange 3, we’d recommend playing through the original for just £3.99. It’s got one of the best selections of licensed music we’ve ever heard in a video game (sorry Pro Skaters), and is guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues at some point.

You can view the full Spring Sale here, along with our personal top picks below.

There are over 3000 titles included in the GOG Spring Sale, some of which have had a massive 92 per cent slashed off of their price.

You can head over to Jelly Deals for more gaming offers, where we’ve got plenty of good things on sale, stranger, including the best deals on PS5 headsets and Nintendo Switch accessories.

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Cel-shaded shooter XIII is free for 48 hours from GOG

You can now grab Ubisoft's first-person-shooter XIII for free as part of GOG's Spring Sale. That's the good...
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